First hotel… 

Not too bad! The view is amazing and we’re 38 floors up!!! This is my view from my room. 😀😀😀

The heat here is crazy hot!! 31 degrees ! In Abu dabih at 9 at night it was 42 degrees! Someone just gave us a teddy beaver and we called it Kong!

Bye for now, fin


3 thoughts on “First hotel… ”

  1. Looks like the flight went OK – lots of Hong Kong smiley faces! The view from your hotel window across the harbour is fantastic. Hope the jet lag isn’t too bad. Oh… what is a teddy beaver?



  2. Reblogged this on grandadray and commented:
    At 31c the humidity is high, so you’ll be wringing out your new BHA shirt today Fin! Oh… and I think I spotted a couple of Cheshire cat grins by the “Welcome to Hong Kong’ sign.

    Thought I’d mention it!



  3. Amazing view, Finners! I’m jealous! Although Nanny says she wouldn’t like that AT ALL, heights are not her thing! Haha. I love the pic of you at Hong Kong Airport and what is that cute teddy? How sweet! Miss you already. xxx


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